Summer Promotion 2013 - only $99 for any 2 themes!

Summer Promotion 2013 - only $99 for any 2 themes!

23May 2013

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Howdy folks!

It’s been quite a while since our last promotion. To make it up for you guys, this time it’s gonna be a big hit. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce “Your Bundle”.

This promotion is a sincere gratitude to your support for Themebrain and to celebrate our new Drupal premium themes release (TB Metroz & TB University plus its extra demo version) and our upcoming module for - TB Megamenu (Update, it's out! at

ThemeBrain Summer 2013 Promotion

How it works

For only $99, you will reserve your eligibility to pick any 2 of our premium themes within 6 months after purchasing.

1. Go grab “Your Bundle” for $99
2. An email will be sent to your mailbox that leads you to a request download page
3. Choose a theme and request download link
4. The chosen theme’s download link will be sent to your mailbox
5. Repeat step 3 for the second theme you love to have in “Your Bundle”

What’s so special about this deal?

Usually they force you to buy a bundle that includes one that you utterly want and some other that you never set your eyes on (or even worse that all of them are those you never like). ThemeBrain treasures your wish and here’s the chance for it to happen.

Why should I not pick the themes before purchasing?

You are free to choose your themes within 6 months after purchasing which means you can pick one first that serves your immediate need and later when another need arises, you already got it covered. This also applies for those themes that are not released yet!

How long does this awesome event last?

2 weeks since today - means it's gonna end on 10th June 2013.

That’s it. Now it's time to go get one!

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