Sneak peek on a new modern Drupal Ecommerce theme - TB METROZ

Sneak peek on a new modern Drupal Ecommerce theme - TB METROZ

21Mar 2013

It has been while and now we are back with a whole new Drupal ecommerce theme: TB Metroz.

TB Metroz is an improvement compared to our first Drupal ecommerce theme TB Mozanis, we have worked harder and stayed focus on both design and features for this Drupal theme.

Let’s go through highlight features of this theme that you must not miss.

1. Modern UI and Flat design for Drupal theme

Keep up with the trend in web design, we apply Modern UI and Flat design for this Drupal theme. We keep the layout clean and simple, use vivid colors and have enough white space for a pleasant view.

Flat design for Drupal theme TB Metroz

2. Drupal Slideshow

When design TB Metroz slideshow, we decided to use large images for it to create a larger visual impact for viewers. It is always good to grab your customers’ attention quickly. In addition, the slideshow for this Drupal theme is made to fixed and overlap with page content as you scroll down.

Drupal slideshow

3. Sticky navigation for Drupal theme

You might have heard this term sometimes before. Yes, sticky navigation or fixed navigation menu is going to be a next web design trend this year, and we proudly support it right on this Drupal theme TB Metroz. More convenient and quicker to navigate the shop with this menu.

Trendy sticky navigation

4. View modules v.s. Custom Blocks

We use Views module in most cases and try to have as less custom blocks as possible, featured products on homepage is an example. Moreover, views module will give you an ease on editing the content without touching the HTML like custom blocks.

Drupal Views module

5. Product detail page

We use Drupal Commerce to deliver a good shopping experience for your online store. Support all the significant features of a product detail page, we deliver a simple and neat page where your product will be displayed in an informative and attractive way. In addition, we have added the feature Add to Wishlist to make TB Metroz complete.

Product detail page

6. More Responsive Design for Drupal theme

Responsive web design won’t go away anytime soon. Like our other themes, we support responsive design for this theme TB Metroz, which all mobile and tablet devices.

Responsive design in Drupal

Find it interesting enough? Stay tuned as we will deliver this greatness to you in next 2 weeks.

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