Responsive Drupal Education Theme TB University (Updated 20 May 2013)

Responsive Drupal Education Theme TB University (Updated 20 May 2013)

26Apr 2013

*Updated: 20 May 2013 - TB University for Business is an extra demo version of TB University. This profile installation will be included in TB University package once you purchase. So it's totally Free! Check out the demo site and see how versatile TB University is.

Drupal has been used for a number of university and education portals already, including some high profile universities like: Stanford Law School, Harvard Science, Yale and MIT Media Lab.

Recently we have received quite a demand to have a Drupal theme for school and educational websites. Reply to it, the next theme in our premium Drupal themes collection would be a clean, simple and delightful Drupal education theme - TB University.

Let’s take a sneak peek at our Drupal theme TB University.

1. Clean and simple design

TB University Homepage

TB University will bring a sleek and elegant look needed for any school website. Clear and well-presented content, neat layout, a simple slideshow and an efficient amount of images and texts the theme drives attention to the information without being a boring wall of texts.

TB University Responsive Design

Responsive design as a must for any of our premium theme, optimized for iPad & iPhone as well as Android devices.

2. Various theme colors

TB University Got Various Theme Colors

TB University comes with 8 color variations for you to choose.

3. Strong & customized content types for a school website

We have developed 4 content types exclusively for this education theme TB University: ‘course’, ‘event’, ‘professor’ and ‘student’

Course page

TB University Course Page

TB University Custom Course Search

Course page with a custom search.

Event page

TB University Event Page

Professor page

TB University Professor Page

Student page

TB University Student Page

Featured Students and Professors

TB University Featured Students & Professors

You can easily choose featured professors and students to have their names & photos presented in homepage via simple back-end configuration.

Interactive course list

TB University Interactive Course List

Beautiful on-hover interaction.

4. Drupal "Youtube field" module

TB University Youtube field Module

Finding and adding a video to your content is easier than ever with Drupal “Youtube field” module. No embedded code needed, all you need to do is to paste the youtube link in the video field and there you go. All contents that using this module would be listed in Videos page as below screenshot.

TB University Videos Page

Front-end display of the Video page using "Youtube Field" module


5. Support various Drupal third-party modules

In TB University, we support various Drupal modules such as: Views Slideshow, jCarousel, Superfish, Web Form, Views Accordion, Newsletter, Youtube field, Menu Breadcrumb, Calendar Block and so on.

This is our first work for a Drupal education theme, feel free to add comments either about the features or the design. Not to limit at this, we also plan to release an extra version of TB University which acts as a corporate’s website.

Stay tuned and check out for the demo!

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