Preview TB Mozanis - Responsive ecommerce Drupal theme

Preview TB Mozanis - Responsive ecommerce Drupal theme

25Aug 2012

We have spent quite a lot of time and have researched about ecommerce Drupal themes and the output was our Top 6 ecommerce Drupal theme blog post. Took the effort and knowledge and the team turned them into our own interpretation of a Drupal ecommerce theme.

Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time, we are gladly to introduce you our upcoming responsive ecommerce Drupal theme: TB Mozanis.

This time on my blog post, I’m going to have a quick preview of this upcoming ecommerce Drupal theme.

Design and layout

TB Mozanis is carefully designed and styled to bring out all the features of an ecommerce theme. With this premium Drupal theme we aim for a simple designed Drupal ecommerce theme. Each element throughout the theme will be styled consistently. Only important and necessary elements will be used, there will be no add-on animation effect or transition effect as well.

What makes TB Mozanis different from other ecommerce Drupal themes is that it will contain all the best features which we found from the other themes. Here is the sneak peek of some significant features:

Responsive layout

Based on my research, I find that there is a little number of responsive ecommerce Drupal themes on the premium theme market. Imagine all the benefit your shop could have with responsive design, people can browse your online shop nearly everywhere, every time they want, on tablets or on mobiles. That’s why TB Mozanis will come with responsive design.

Grid system

A grid system of 24 columns - 984px custom width with 14 regions

Choose 4 colors

We will provide 4 sets of colors that you can choose from.

Product details page

Learned from other themes, we only support and style necessary elements and features to deliver a simple but fully-equipped product page. Those will be product voting, add to cart, add to wishlist, product slideshow and gallery and social sharing.

We apply Quicktabs to the product page and create a product information area where you can categorize and display different type of information into different tabs.

Blog page

We will support a blog page for TB Mozanis. Why you need it? In today’s online business a blog post is the survival kit number one. Create valuable content and tell your products stories. Publish news, share tips or make your announcement with a well structured designed blog.

Custom Drupal 404 page

The problem with the default 404 page is that people get stuck at the page, nowhere to go but to click the browser “back” button. In this premium Drupal theme, we say goodbye to the default Drupal 404 page. In replace of it, we will prepare for you a custom 404 page with navigation link-backs to the homepage, blog and product page. The benefit is that you can increases customer retention by redirecting traffic to other pages.

Colorbox popup login

Drupal’s default login is somehow annoying. Either you have it in the sidebar or you need to click a link to a login page. Colorbox solves this problem here. With a simple pop-up the online store visitor doesn’t need to wait for a page reload and can happily surf your site starting from the current visiting page.

Quicktabs on Mass top area

Once again, we will add Quicktabs to the mass top region so that you can show different contents in the tabs. Your customers can quickly skim through your promotions info or your highlighted products.

Contact page with Google maps

On the contact page, we will setup a Google maps for your store location. With a quick setting at the Drupal backend you can point out any location that you want, could be your offline store or your home office.

Third party Drupal modules

We will equip TB Mozanis with third party modules like Drupal Commerce module, Superfish, Quicktabs, Views, Views Slideshow, jQuery Plugins, Taxonomy Menu, Token, ShareThis and much more.

Overall, a powerful responsive ecommerce Drupal theme with slick design and full-equipped with modules and functions will be delivered to you within the next 2 weeks. Remember to stay tuned! Check out the demo, examine all the functions and come back with your argument to prove that we need to do better than this.

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