Introducing TB Wall - A whole new responsive Drupal theme with Pinterest design

Introducing TB Wall - A whole new responsive Drupal theme with Pinterest design

27Oct 2012

Pinterest is the third most popular social network after Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest answers to the question “how I can find and share interesting things found on the Internet”. Its success lies in its innovative design, a simple yet intelligent design that solves a visualization problem of loading mass content, especially images. It allows users to quickly access and scan through all items. Furthermore, categories and tags help users to organize the content better, show their most interesting items. That’s the story of 2 years ago since its first launch.

Is Pinterest trend getting old and boring? The answer is no, the trend is still there!. Even the giant online marketplace eBay has re-launched its new website interface with Pinterest design style.

eBay new interface design

A combination of Drupal and Pinterest style? Yes, it is possible. In fact we are not the first one to come up this idea. ThemeSnap has done a good job in releasing a Pinterest clone theme: PinBoard.

Keep up with the trend, we proudly present you our upcoming premium responsive Drupal theme: TB WALL.

TB Wall is a harmony of a Drupal site and Pinterest design trend. TB Wall will be not like any other theme you could find in the Drupal market. With it, you can turn your Drupal site into a slick news site or a glorious portfolio site.

Come and check out this Drupal Pinterest theme - TB Wall.

Design and Layout

Imagine a news site with an endless stream of news, articles and social feeds, or a portfolio profile with a flow of images and visual photographs right on homepage.

The design of the homepage aims to give audiences a quick look and access to all the content. All the content from categories will be displayed on the homepage. Reverse chronology is applied here and the latest, hottest content will be shown on the top. You can also set an article as a promoted one and promote it to the top, make it as an advertising. Different types of content will have their different block styles. You can also set different width for each teaser image. Furthermore, a sidebar menu with categories links gives it easy to manage and categorize all the content.

teaser image style

Different width for each teaser image

In addition, other pages like Showcase - a gallery showing the images, Custom 404 with navigation links, Blog, Article and Contact us will be packed in TB Wall as well.

Of course, TB Wall is fully responsive. It will follow you anywhere on any tablet and mobile device. And correct image sizes will be load in accordance with different devices.


Infinite Scroll

With an add-in of jQuery Plugin, a modern infinite scroll will be applied for homepage, showcase and social feeds pages. Infinite scroll creates an endless stream of content where users quickly surf through your site and get the information they want. Besides, it helps to reduce click and paging whereas increase users’ time on site. Keep surfing on and on.

Lazy loading

Lazy Loading is definitely a must that goes with Infinite scrolling. Instead of loading all the images at once, your site will only load one image after the other as the user scrolls down. This is the big advantage to fasten your page load.

Social media feeds

This is considered as one of the most important feature of TB Wall. A customized module written by us, TB Social Feeds module is introduced here and used to support getting feeds from across famous social media channels.

In TB Wall, you will be able to import various content: Facebook and Twitter API, Vimeo, Youtube, Instagram and Flickr.

Icon fonts

For the first time in our Drupal theme TB Wall, the custom icon fonts is used to replace the normal icon images. We get and install the icon fonts from IcoMoon. It is quick and easy to install, a tutorial will follow after this blog post.

The advantages are obvious for icon fonts. First of all, they improve your website performance because when you compare to the image icons, the loading time for icon fonts is faster. Each image icon requires a separate HTTP request and for the icon fonts, the browser needs to download the font one time. Secondly, it is easy to customize and you can also create your own icon fonts. You can change the style, the size and the color to whatever you desire. Last but not least, the icon fonts are helpful for responsive design as they can be scaled and fits to different screen sizes. If you need more details, Steven Bradley has written down his thoughts about icon fonts.

Clean design and cool features, TB Wall is promising to be one of the best candidate for your Drupal site. Here is the summary of all the features and modules in TB Wall:

  • Fully responsive layout
  • Multiple block style, badges and colors
  • jQuery plugin and Infinite scroll and Lazy Load
  • Custom icon fonts
  • Import Social content and feeds
  • Various content types: blogs, articles, links, images, video and tweets
  • Customizable Social sharing
  • SEO friendly
Note: For Joomla and WordPress the JoomlArt and DesignWall team has already done a great job with DW WallPress and JA Wall.

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