How to help our visitors to learn Drupal?

How to help our visitors to learn Drupal?

05Dec 2012

Surprisingly some of our site visitors don't know that our themes are for Drupal. ;)
They come from WordPress or Joomla. Or even from a non PHP background.
Are you used to Drupal? Do you know how to theme? Have you basic knowledge about CSS? Questions which I ask to our site visitors to have a clue about their level of knowledge. So easier for me to chat with them.

It is hard to explain the Drupal basics via email, live chat or skype to newbies who take our website as a starting point to learn Drupal.
I usually share links to and to

For me honestly, the way visualize guides is not very supportive for learning. Too much text to read. A mix up of Drupal 6 and 7. Screencasts and screenshots can help to increase the learning curve pretty much, needs more of them. Look at this video from about "Drupal Theming Basics". Quick to understand, isn't it?

Watch it on

Short info about

Drupalize.Me makes accessing high-quality Drupal training so easy, you can learn Drupal in your underwear!
They offer free training videos and membership based Drupal training and learning.

If you want to meet people in real life. There is a list of training companies on or just join a Drupal community right next to you.

What to do next? Just download Drupal, install it and start to build your first site without any coding. It will give you a basic understanding how things work from a user centric point of view. If you are a developer or styler, building a site will help you to understand how the structure of the content looks like, the differences between regions, blocks, etc.

Good luck!

How do/did you start to learn Drupal?

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