Here You Go - Our First Drupal Premium Theme

Here You Go - Our First Drupal Premium Theme

21Jun 2012
We have developed for almost 1 year free beautiful Drupal themes and our foundation base theme Nucleus. We have engaged with hundreds of users to get feedback which directly influenced our products and services.

It is time to get into real business. We have decided to use TB Methys I as our Drupal theme of choice and tune it, improve it, support other modules like gallery formatter and improved the slideshow. And the result is TB Methys II. Click the image below to see the visual differences

TB Methys I vs. TB Methys II 1.0

What is new?

  1. Select more colors with the new color menu
  2. Present bigger images with JCarousel Slideshow
  3. Present photos with the new gallery (galleryformatter)
  4. New Twitter feedback style
  5. Lighter footer
  6. Cleaner Quick Tabs
  7. ... and much more

What will you get?

We know that a nice theme is not the only thing you want. You need a (a) good documentation and (b) good support. We have started to work on a user guide for TB Methys II, please read and review it and let us know what is missing and we will update it right away.

As our Drupal community on is not major enough yet, we will try to help you as much as we can in the question and answer section.

For those who purchased our premium themes you can send us an email to You will receive our first response within 48 hours. For more details about our support, please read the "how and what we support" page.

99 USD


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(*)make sure you read our simple terms of use before purchasing our themes.

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