Get Themes & Templates and Learn Drupal for just 50 USD

Get Themes & Templates and Learn Drupal for just 50 USD

10Jan 2013

To kick off the new year 2013, we decided to take part in a like-no-other campaign: Joomla! Humble Bundle and offer you a special bundle:

OSTraining - ThemeBrain - JoomlArt - DesignWall

Humble Bundle Deal

Get Drupal themes, Joomla templates, WordPress themes and a chance to learn from the OSTraining experts:

  • OSTraining: 6 months membership, ($99 USD)
  • 1 ThemeBrain theme (up to $99 USD)
  • 1 DesignWall WordPress theme ($49 USD)
  • JoomlArt 3 months template club membership ($59 USD)

All for as low as $50 USD instead of a total value of $306 USD.

OSTraining ThemeBrain deal

What is the Joomla! Humble Bundle?

Based on the concept of the original Humble Bundle, the Joomla! Humble Bundle (JHB) is a time limited deal provided by templates, extensions and services providers to raise sufficient fund to support the Joomla! project. You can read the full blog post for details.

Why is this bundle something for you?

In the recent blog post we have mentioned OSTraining as a good source to start learning Drupal. And now the bundle comes out just perfectly for those who want to take a deep understanding on Drupal as well as other CMS. Besides, this is also a good opportunity and best value to have a start with other CMS like Joomla or WordPress.

How does the deal work?

Start with a minimum of $50 USD, you can set this minimum price up to the amount you think “a good and fair deal” is. It is all up to you how much $$$ you want to contribute.
More details how it works you can find here.

Learn and build awesome websites with this deal!

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