Drupal theme bundles are now available! And more..

Drupal theme bundles are now available! And more..

20Jun 2013

Long time no blog! I’m so busy with bunch of work and events such as TB Mega Menu module and its tutorial video, ThemeBrain Google Plus page. But now here I am, and feel so excited to announce the following buzzes that are going to blow your mind!

Drupal theme bundles available now at ThemeBrain

First time at ThemeBrain, a pack of bundles is introduced with various flexible choice and highly crafted to your demands. These premium Drupal theme bundles are created after more than 1 year of consumer data and sales data analyzing. Carefully hand-picked and irresistibly attractive pricing are what I can say about these 5 bundles.

1. TB eCommerce bundle: Crafted to enhance your eCommerce sites

eCommerce Drupal theme bundle

Bundle of TB Metroz and TB Mozanis, save you 42% off the total price!

2. TB Business bundle: The one you need to leverage your Corporate sites' look

Business Drupal theme bundle

Bundle of TB Corpal, TB Page and TB Mozanis, 46% discount!

3. TB News bundle: Attract your news readers' attention with these News Drupal themes

News Drupal theme bundle

Bundle of TB News and TB Methys II, 40% off total price!

4. TB Bestseller bundle: ThemeBrain signature Drupal premium themes

Your Bundle - any 2 Drupal premium themes

Bundle of TB Wall, TB Nex and TB University, save your budget for 40%!

5. Your Bundle: any theme you want, anytime you want them!

Your Bundle - any 2 Drupal premium themes

Yes YourBundle is back! 40% off and highly flexible choice. Download any 2 themes in our collection you want anytime within 6 months after purchasing. And yes, even those are going to be released!

What’s else?

Yes and there’s more. Freebie is in the town! This time it is a module, so you are free to use it for your sites without any worry about compatibility. TB Mega Menu module is a module allows you to create a mega menu at ease.

What’s so special about this module while Drupal has many other ones for mega menu already?

Yes we do know, and we can list many of them here: Mucho menu, Nice menus, Views menu, MD Mega menu, Megamenu... The difference here is its User Interface and features. Please visit its project page for more information and download.

We also produced a tutorial video so that you can save your time learning to use the module:

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