Drupal Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2013 best deals

Drupal Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2013 best deals

28Nov 2013

Happy crazy holidays upcoming! Yes, in chronological order: Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday. For me this is such an exciting and rushing time to hunt down all the deals. It takes a lot of time and googling skill, you can tell.

So here in this blog post, I try to collect and list all drupal related deals I could find. Some of them aren’t exactly holiday sales, but it doesn’t hurt knowing promotions currently running right? Also you can get to know more Drupal theme & service providers, in case it tires you visiting us only.

This is a LIVE post and will be updated as I find more deals, or if you know any you can share with us via below comment section or simply tweet us with #drupaldeals @themebrain via Twitter

Now it’s time to go and get them all:

Premium Drupal theme deals

1. ThemeSnap

Enter THANKSGIVING as coupon code for 25% discount, valid until Nov 30, 2013.

Up to 10 Drupal themes provided at 25%-50% discount, you can easily find them here.

Valid to Nov 30th: Retail Shop responsive Drupal 7 theme at $29 (50% off)

2. More than (just) themes

Drupal theme packages that save more than 40%.

3. NeptuneThemes

All Drupal themes at $45 (from $59) limited time offer

4. Friendly Machine

This one-man work is just awesome, we respect John for what he’s done and contributed to Drupal community, so read up this article or if tl;dr then you can simply enter FM-30 for 30% discount. Repeat customers get 50% off next purchase.

5. ThemeBrain

Yes we do have our own exclusive promotions for Thanksgiving & Black Friday!

Come visit us at 12:00 AM Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00), pick your present and save money!

Hosting deals

1. Hostgator

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 1 hour flash sale for 75% OFF All Hosting and $1.95 domains. The flash deal will be running from 12AM Central Time to 1AM Central Time, 29th November.

2. GreenGeeks

There will be 20% off all shared hosting, and it’s valid only Black Friday Nov 29, 2013 – Cyber Monday Dec 2,2013

3. a2 Hosting

52% off hosting, visit a2 Hosting to claim the coupon code.


Sorry but there's some mistake I made here, there is no promotion for Zend IDE this year; the information was for last year..

*Disclaimer: we are not in any way affiliated with any of the above providers. We do this for pure good sake!

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