Drupal Sites Showcase - Inspiring Illustrations of Responsive Drupal 7 Theme TB Wall

Drupal Sites Showcase - Inspiring Illustrations of Responsive Drupal 7 Theme TB Wall

17Apr 2013

Last November 2012, one of our Drupal best selling themes - TB Wall has been released and been quite a hit since then. Originally, TB Wall’s design was mainly inspired from Pinterest with focuses on responsive design, news publishing, targeting minimal loading time and featuring social and RSS feeds. The theme brings great flexibility with effortless customization needed to quickly turn your same old plain Drupal 7 site to somewhat stylist. That is how TB Wall theme makes its popularity into the Drupal community. And yes, it is indeed a difficult time for us to pick out the following websites, which are built on our TB Wall theme, to showcase to you all our current 5 favorites.

In case you haven’t got to know about TB Wall, it’s time to start drilling. You’re definitely missing out! (Yah! You are!)

1. Acoustic Loops

Visit www.acousticloops.com

AcousticLoops is a simple and clean personal website, presenting a collection of acoustic tracks and loops. It has little to none customization needed from our original theme design, however with the smart color use really makes AcousticLoops stand out among others.

2. Ray Wilson

Visit www.raywilson.net

Bold background and sleek typo will immediately catch just about anyone attention surfing through the site. Ray Wilson’s website does take advantage of the social feeds feature - the exclusive Drupal module that we developed dedicated to TB Wall theme only - to the max in order to get its content updated frequently.

3. Sean Reiser

Visit www.seanreiser.com

Sean built his personal blog on our TB Wall theme on which he shares his everyday thoughts, art, news and especially his cooking recipes. What grab my attention and make the page stand out are those color blocks, different colors represent different categories that the article belongs to. Sean surely does know how to make use of these color blocks to the max when it comes to responsive design: articles are astonishingly presented and distinguished when viewing from a mobile device.

4. ShareTail

Visit http://www.sharetail.com

Trevor Polidore uses responsive theme TB Wall to create such a website like ShareTail in which products are displayed in a clean way.

A plus point for ShareTail is its nice job in tuning rating feature for products. Lazy load and Infinite scroll, the two special features of TB Wall, are in used effectively to give a smooth flow of products without slowing down the site.

You have an idea for an online store like this? Our TB Wall is the way to go.

5. WebOmelette

Visit http://www.webomelette..com

Drupal is popular for news publishing and WebOmelette has proved that our theme TB Wall is a top candidate for Drupal news websites. Pinterest alike layout of TB Wall brings an innovative way to the site to list out articles. In addition, the flexibility in adjusting the width of article teasers on homepage, color blocks and as well as the tags, all help to highlight the top or featured news.

So, I hope this blog has given you some inspiring ideas for tuning our responsive theme TB Wall into awesomeness. Try TB Wall's demo site and check out the details now.

In the next showcase blog post, I will continue with TB Nex - our popular Drupal theme for news websites. Currently use TB Nex? Don’t hesitate to share your website with us in the comment section below.

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