DNS Server Issues

DNS Server Issues

26Sep 2012

According to user reports we had server issues in the last hours (26.09.-27.09.2012) which has 2 consequences.

  1. Users weren't able to access our domain www.themebrain.com
  2. Users weren't able to save the theme settings in the back-end

For the issue number 1: Some DNS servers around the world could not resolve our domain themebrain.com because an old IP address was cached. That's the reason why some users could access our domain and some not. We have fixed this problem and the DNS servers need usually about 48 hours to get in sync with the latest IP address.

For the issue number 2: In the Nucleus back-end we have 1 tab where users can send us feedback via a form. This form is loaded via an iframe which is hosted on our main domain themebrain.com. And here comes the issue 1 in play, as the request to themebrain.com wasn't successful. The theme setting could not be saved.

Why do we have this form?
During the first phase of Nucleus development which we thought best and convenient way for users to send us feedback in the back-end directly. With that feedback we were able to improve Nucleus over time. From the feedback and experience of the DNS error, we will remove the form in the next version of Nucleus.

To avoid any further problem with our domain and the theme settings, here is a quick fix you can change in the core of Nucleus.
1. go to the Nucleus folder and find the file theme-settings.php
2. In line 104 you find following code lines

$form['nucleus']['about_nucleus']['about_nucleus_wrapper']['about_nucleus_content'] = array(
    '#markup' => '<iframe width="100%" height="650" scrolling="no" 
   class="nucleus_frame" frameborder="0" 
   src="http://themebrain.com/static/about/"> </iframe>',
3. delete the lines or uncomment it with /** **/

As a team we all feel terribly bad about the problems you have faced. We have learned our lesson! Cheers, Jan

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