Copyright Removal for Free Drupal themes?

Copyright Removal for Free Drupal themes?

20Aug 2012

Hey Drupal mates, you have chances to play around with our 11 Drupal FREE themes since September 2011.

Recently, we received questions like:

Hence we want to clarify this for you.

Drupal 7 free themes from - Copyright Removal

Our 4 Drupal 7 themes TB Simply, TB Purity, TB Sirate, TB Blog on are free to use under the Drupal’s GNU General Public License version 2. You can make any change with the code as you love to and re-distribute it under the same license.

“9: Is it permitted for me to sell Drupal or a Drupal module or a Drupal theme?”

Yes. However, you must distribute it under the GPL version 2 or later, so those you sell it to must be allowed to modify and redistribute it as well. See questions 6 and 7 above.” (Drupal license FAQ)

We understand the need to remove the copyright statement from the footer. Especially for those developers who works for customers and get paid for that job.

As keeping the copyright from motivates us to develop high quality themes (free & premium) for the Drupal community. Thus, we want to hear your thoughts if we should offer a copyright removal fee in order to get rid of this:

“Copyright © 2012 TB Purity All Rights Reserved. Designed by”

Get a fee from you for a Drupal theme which we love and developed for free usage. Please leave your comment or share your thought with us via [email protected].

“How much would you go for a copyright removal fee?

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