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How to help our visitors to learn Drupal?

05Dec 2012

Surprisingly some of our site visitors don't know that our themes are for Drupal. ;)
They come from WordPress or Joomla. Or even from a non PHP background.
Are you used to Drupal? Do you know how to theme? Have you basic knowledge about CSS? Questions which I ask to our site visitors to have a clue about their level of knowledge. So easier for me to chat with them.

Drupal Distributions vs Installation Profiles?

28Nov 2012

Since we use a live chat support system, we recognized that some of our website visitors who come via organic search, do not know what installation profiles are as they are new to Drupal. Specifically the difference between a Drupal distribution and installation profile.

One Page Drupal theme?

23Nov 2012

I would like to share my thoughts about a "One Page or Single Page Drupal theme". Last week we had about 10 requests for JD Cloris, which is an old Drupal theme which we don't mantain any longer as it is not based on Nucleus. JD Cloris is an one page Drupal theme, indeed.

Kick-Start your Drupal Development and Theming with Sublime Text

06Aug 2012

I have been using Eclipse, Aptana, NetBeans in the past years. Setting up in Eclipse or Aptana a project or installing plugins has been always a headache. Why? Usually I got conflicts with the plugins and after an update there was always an error occurring telling me something similar like this

plugin error message eclipse IDE

Error Messages Eclipse Plugins

Responsive Images — Which approach to follow?

31Jul 2012

The challenge to serve images for multiple devices is still in big discussion. There is no standard yet which defines how we as developers and users can deliver different image sizes on-demand for different user clients. With Javascript? Only with mark-up? Mix both? Pure CSS?

The blog post of A List Apart Mat Marquis discusses different approaches to implement responsive images for responsive websites.


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