All free Drupal themes on

All free Drupal themes on

22Nov 2012

After the last 2 server issues we had in the past month we decided to put all our free themes on At this time we had only 4 themes (TB Blog, TB Simple, TB Sirate and TB Purity) committed to What a waste of time and resource?
Drupal has it's own servers, users can download all the free themes on a big infrastracture which serves million of users. So why didn't we use that at the very beginning?

The last two days we have created for all our free Drupal themes a separate project and committed all sub theme code to the repositories. Our server will thank us for this and we hope that we will have less server issues for the next months. Finger crossed!!

In all our Drupal theme details page the download button will direct to the relevant drupal project page. So you can download the themes from there or install it via the Drupal admin area.

What will happen with the installation profiles?

Not sure what we will do here next. Either we will submit them to to the same project or we leave them on our website. There are several ideas how we want to keep the installation profiles accessible for our interested users. The final decision you will notice already next time you visit

Upgrade to CloudLayer

After the hardware failure last week our system administrator has build a new server and uses CloudLayer provided by SoftLayer.

"It's the scalability that makes the cloud incredible, without the sacrifices in performance, flexibility and security that can make it impractical."

cloudlayer infrastructure

Besides this we have now this server configuration:
New configuration: 8 cores CPU, 8GB RAM, 1000Mbps network card
Old configuration: 4 core CPU, 8GB RAM, 100Mbps network card

Yeeeeha! From my personal experience we have almost 2-4 times faster site. For our frequent site visitors, what do you think?

Want to jump directly to all our Drupal theme projects? Here is the list.

Update 27.11.2012:

After 1 week we have compared in Google Analytics our page speed. The result of the improvements, you can see in the figure below:

themebrain page speed improvement results

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