5 Beautifully Executed Drupal Sites Powered by TB Nex

5 Beautifully Executed Drupal Sites Powered by TB Nex

06Aug 2013

In the previous showcase article for TB Wall (check it here: Inspiring illustrations of TB Wall theme), I promised to have a blog post about sites that are using TB Nex as their themes.

So here you go, my favourite collection of sites powered by TB Nex - a responsive online news/magazine Drupal theme.

1. MommyForDummy - http://www.mommyfordummy.com/

This site is a standard for TB Nex theme usage. It does not change the original layout too much but with quality content, smart colors choice and super cute babies’ pictures - what else to expect?

MommyForDummy website

2. http://www.feriasectorelectrico.com.co/

A business site - smart use of slideshow & jcarousel block. A lot of logos but it doesn't look like a mess, still pretty clean and well-organized.

FISE 2013 website

3. UMAA - http://www.umaamerica.net/

Simple yet elegant and clear. No slideshow or jCarousel used like in the original design of TB Nex, still UMAA knows how to emphasize those contents which need attention.

UMMAmerica website

4. Want2Donate - http://www.want2donate.org/

Well this site is using original design from TB Nex with minimal custom. It is built properly and takes advantage of TB Nex's neat layout along with categorized content. Most important factor that I consider putting this here is due to its honorable purpose - children care & animal survival.

Want2Donate website

5. YDisciple - http://www.ydisciple.org/

This is a blow-your-mind site to us. We barely recognize this site use TB Nex at the first sight. A perfect example to show what you can do with our theme - highly customizable.

YDisciple website

So, share your opinions and/or your sites in the comment section below. I'll write more showcase blog posts hoping it would bring inspiration to Drupal website builders out there :).

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