Nucleus is a Drupal base theme developed by ThemeBrain. Easy to use, very flexible and numerous styling features, Nucleus is built to minimize coding and helps you, theme builders, to speed up the process of developing a custom Drupal theme.

About Nucleus

Smart grid system

Smart grid system

  • 960px fixed, 12, 16 or 24 grids
  • Fluid layout with optional width, 12, 16 or 24 grids
  • Multiple Layout made easy
  • Flexible sidebar widths
  • Insert panel regions with variable widths
Versatile Typography

Versatile Typography

  • Set fonts for default text elements
  • Choose from predefined font family list
  • Extend with Google web fonts or custom
  • Set a global base font size
Advanced block styling

Advanced block styling

  • Easily choose a style for any block
  • Set global style for all blocks
  • Set style for blocks in a specific region
  • Extend with custom markup
Packed in an installation profile

Packed in an installation profile

  • Nucleus themes come as profiles
  • Reproduce our demo content with few clicks
  • Get a quick overview of all features
  • Start your project faster customizing a profile
Support of contributed modules

Support of contributed modules

  • Custom styles for Superfish module
  • Custom styling of Quicktabs module
Create any layout without coding

Create any layout without coding

  • Add regions by copy & paste snippets
  • Powerful system of sidebars and panels
  • Create complex layouts without coding
  • Grouping of panels into a region
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Why You Should Use Nucleus

“Smart grid system” on base theme Nucleus allows you to customize grid layout with unlimited number of columns and page width in pixel.
You can set the font for all main default elements from a list of font-families, google fonts or load your custom theme specific typography.
You can set a default style for all blocks under global settings or define for each region it's own style. If this is not enough, you may apply for each individual block a different styling option.
Best way to see Nucleus features is to download one installation profile and reproduce exactly the content and the theme as in our live demo.
We are supporting Superfish menu and Quicktabs module per default. You can choose a predefined style for these modules or extend it as you wish.
Nucleus flexible layout system helps you to create new theme regions and define custom page layouts in no time and without any knowlegde of PHP nor HTML/CSS.